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How our Consignment Program works.

• We will arrange for your inventory to be picked up at your warehouse and transported to our location.

• We then inventory, photograph and evaluate products for sale, and list them onto our online retail storefront.

• We handle all customer service questions and any issues that may arise.

• We then collect payment, professionally package and ship the items to the purchasing customer.

• We assign a unique inventory number to your products to assure accountability.

• At the end of each calendar month, you will receive an itemized sales list, and an inventory report along with your check for the agreed upon percentage of the final sales price.

• As a consignment customer, you will retain ownership of products on consignment. If at anytime you would like any or all products returned, Used Equipment Sales will have the goods properly packaged so that you can arrange shipment.

• To allow full transparency, our contract allows for you to audit our books and facility at your discretion given proper notice.


All this with no out of pocket cost to you!

Our current list of customers include OEM’s, Major Corporations, Semiconductor Fabs & Universities

What separates us from other consignment companies?

We Know the Equipment

  • We have product knowledge which comes from hands-on experience.
  • We have over 18,000 unique items listed across our e-commerce platforms.
  • We have testing facilities onsite and are able to test Wafer Handling Robots, RF & DC
    Equipment, Vacuum Equipment, Power Supplies, and other equipment related to Semiconductor Process.
  • We have extensive knowledge of the secondary market.
  • If the entire system is not salvageable, we can identify which subassemblies have resale value and market
    those pieces individually.

We are Export Compliant

  • We Have an Effective Compliance Program.
  • Our team attends Export training.
  • Our program aligns with US Export Laws and Regulations.
  • Export operational policies and procedures are in place to minimize non-compliance risks.
  • Inventory is classified in-house and customers are screened before exporting.
  • We maintain export records.

We are in constant contact with the BIS to keep abreast of new regulations and guidelines in order to maintain our compliancy.

We are Accountable To Our Customers. We operate with integrity and manage our business in a responsible manner.

  • Online customers receive excellent customer service along with a company guarantee which will give them a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied with their purchase.
  • Our eBay feedback and seller ratings are a reflection of our excellent customer service and confirms the value of our product.
  • Consignment customers receive a monthly itemized report which contains all the pertinent information regarding their inventory when they receive their commissions check.
  • Consignment customer information is kept confidential.
  • Our warehouse and all equipment are fully insured under Used Equipment Sales policy.

We provide our customers with a good value!

UES has a generous return policy (90 days) which is one of the reasons we have numerous repeat customers.  If a customer is unsatisfied with their purchase, we offer a full money back guarantee.


Our main marketing tool is eBay.

We find that we get great exposure through the eBay platform due to the high visibility of products listed on eBay.

Direct Marketing

We direct market to over 8,000 repeat customers with customized marketing campaigns

We attend SemiconTradeshows.

Semiconductor Spares eCommerce Store

Semiconductorspares.com (our new online store)

We advertise through targeted Google Ads and our marketing team is working diligently on SEO and marketing strategies to ensure our search engine placement is above our competitors.

“Turn your trash into cash”

Let us liquidate your excess inventory that is taking up valuable warehouse space.

We will handle the sale from start to finish which means you will have more free time to focus on more important business matters.

You’ll feel good knowing you are “green” and still generating extra revenue for your company.

There are no out of pocket expenses -give us a try! Start receiving your check monthly.

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