Spares Consignment

Semiconductor Spares is the trusted choice for semiconductor consignment. Our professional customer services ensures your products are sold at their highest value.

Benefits of Our Consignment Program

Get the greatest return on investment with no out-of-pocket costs

Semiconductor Spares is a premier global buyer and supplier of surplus semiconductor manufacturing parts and equipment. To support our semiconductor-used equipment sales, we build inventory through consignment, harvest and purchase.

Our Semiconductor Consignment Program

As a consignment partner, you retain ownership of your inventory—allowing you to withdraw any or all of it at any time. Parts and equipment are stored ready to ship, so you can arrange for and quickly receive returns. For full transparency, our contract allows you to audit our books and facilities.To deliver the best possible return on your investment within the shortest amount of time, we maintain a robust mailing list of repeat customers, run customized marketing campaigns and attend industry trade shows. Our sales partners include OEMs, major corporations, semiconductor fabricators and universities—for a combined 20,000-plus inventory across our e-commerce channels.

Our five-step consignment program process is simple and allows you to take advantage of our services with no out-of-pocket costs:

  • We assign each consignment partner a unique number and arrange for parts and equipment to be picked up from your location and transported to our facilities. All consignment partner information is kept confidential.
  • We inventory, evaluate and photograph products for sale and list them on our ecommerce site.
  • We handle all customer service questions and any issues that may arise.
  • We collect payment and ship items to each purchaser.
  • At the end of each month, you receive an itemized sales list and an inventory report—along with a check for the agreed upon percentage of the sale price.

Our extensive knowledge of the secondary market is just one of the many factors that separate Semiconductor Spares from other used equipment dealers.


We Know the Equipment

  • Our team of experts offers 30-plus years of technical product and
    industry knowledge—allowing us to identify sub assemblies that have
    resale value if an entire system is not salvageable.
  • We manage more than 20,000 products across our ecommerce platforms.
  • We have onsite testing capabilities, allowing us to verify wafer handling
    robots, RF and DC equipment, vacuum equipment and power supplies,
    among other equipment.

We are Export Compliant

  • Our team attends export training as part of our compliance program, which aligns with U.S. export laws and regulations.
  • Customers are screened before shipping, and we maintain thorough export records.
  • We are in constant contact with the BIS to keep abreast of new regulations and guidelines.

We Operate with Integrity

  • Online customers receive excellent customer service, along with a guarantee that they will receive a full refund if not 100% satisfied with their purchase.
  • We maintain strict cleanliness standards and follow all industry contamination and ESD-prevention best practices to ensure that our used equipment performs at the highest level.
  • We have an exceptional supplier record and take pride in knowing that our customers count on us for consistent quality and superior service.

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Get in touch to learn more about our semiconductor harvest program.

Our experienced team has 30-plus years of experience in the semiconductor industry—making us experts at evaluating, disassembling, and handling used parts and equipment. We maintain strict cleanliness standards and follow all industry contamination and ESD-prevention best practices to ensure that the surplus and used semiconductor equipment purchased from us performs at the highest level.