Semiconductor Spares
Harvest Program

Semiconductor Spares offers customizable harvest services of your used equipment. Discover our semiconductor harvest program and zero-cost service options here.

A cost-effective solution for offloading your surplus

Semiconductor Spares is a leading global buyer and supplier of surplus semiconductor manufacturing parts and equipment. Our customizable three-tier harvest program is a cost-effective method for offloading your used part sand equipment. Our team of experts offers 30-plus years of technical product and industry knowledge—allowing us to identify sub assemblies that have resale value if an entire system is not salvageable.



Semiconductor Spares assumes any equipment not scheduled for return or is added to your consignment inventory. This service is dependent upon the quantity and type of equipment received.

We assume all costs for:

  • Shipping from your facility
  • Disassembly labor
  • Packing material and labor
  • Return shipping to your facility


Remaining surplus equipment is added to your consignment inventory or Semiconductor Spares has the option to purchase.

  • Customers ship equipment to our facilities.
  • Our team of experts disassemble and repack for a low service and material fee.
  • Our logistics team coordinates return of designated parts.


We work with clients to develop optimal program terms.

  • Terms are tailored to meet specific needs.

Benefits of Semiconductor Spares Harvest Program

Extend the service of legacy systems and minimize disposal costs.

Reduce installation and repair time by ensuring that replacement parts arereadily available.

Decrease inventory storage space by stocking only the parts you need.

Receive a greater return on surplus parts and equipment.

Have peace of mind knowing scrap material will be recycled or appropriately disposed of.

Our Semiconductor Harvest Program Process



Our team coordinates pickup and shipping of equipment with your designated point of contact. Upon receipt: Equipment is inventoried, unpacked and visually inspected. Any damage is photographed. A complete invoice of items is generated for your review.



Items selected for return are identified and removed as a priority. Any items determined by you as not available for resale are removed and managed per your instruction or destroyed. Remaining parts are added to your consignment inventory or purchased by us.



Individual items are carefully handled to avoid contamination and ESD damage. Each part is photographed and professionally packed ready for re-stock at your facility.



Your point of contact is notified when items are ready to ship. We prepare a packing list that includes detailed descriptions, part numbers, and sizes and weights. Our team coordinates return of items to your facility or secondary destination.

How you answer the following questions will help determine which program is best for you

What quantity and type of process equipment will be harvested?

Will the equipment be decontaminated before delivery?

Will MSDS or process residue information be supplied?

Are specific packaging or labeling requirements required?

What is the expected turnaround time between receipt and return shipping?

Will all parts return to a single location?

Will surplus parts be available for purchase or added to our consignment inventory?

Are there specific disposal requirements?

What Semiconductor Spares Offers

  • We know the equipment. Our staff have served in the semiconductor industry for 30-plus years.
  • Our experienced team is familiar with disassembly and handling of various semiconductor process equipment and tools.
  • Semiconductor Spares’ service is second to none. Our customer feedback is consistently rated as “exceptional.”
  • Items are treated with care throughout the harvest process.
  • We follow industry contamination and ESD-prevention best practices.
  • Our harvest program terms are flexible and customizable.
  • We promote a zero-landfill initiative.
  • All residual material is sorted and recycled when possible.

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Our experienced team has 30-plus years of experience in the semiconductor industry—making us experts at evaluating, disassembling, and handling used parts and equipment. We maintain strict cleanliness standards and follow all industry contamination and ESD-prevention best practices to ensure that the surplus and used semiconductor equipment purchased from us performs at the highest level.