Equipment Services

Semiconductor Spares offers a variety of professional semiconductor equipment services that includes harvest and consignment programs. Discover which service is most convenient for you.

Our programs make offloading and acquiring spares a snap

Semiconductor Spares is a premier global buyer and supplier of surplus semiconductor manufacturing parts and equipment, including new, used and harvested carcasses in any condition.

To support our semiconductor equipment sales, we build inventory through consignment, harvest and purchase. Our team of experts make the procurement process simple, speedy and fair—basing offers on market trends and 30-plus years of product knowledge.

  • Our Semiconductor Consignment Program
  • Our Semiconductor Harvest Program
  • Our Semiconductor Surplus Buyers Program
  • Semiconductor Used Equipment Sales

Consignment Program

As a consignment partner, you retain ownership of your inventory—allowing you to withdraw any or all of it at any time. Parts and equipment are stored ready to ship, so you can arrange for and quickly receive returns. For full transparency, our contract allows you to audit our books and facilities.

Our five-step consignment program process is simple and allows you to take advantage of our services with no out-of-pocket costs.

Harvest Program

Our customizable three-tier harvest program is a cost-effective method for offloading your used parts and equipment. Our team of experts offers 30-plus years of technical product and industry knowledge—allowing us to identify sub assemblies that have resale value if an entire system is not salvageable.

    Semiconductor Spares assumes any equipment not scheduled for return. This service is dependent upon the quantity and type of equipment received.
    Remaining surplus equipment is added to your consignment inventory or Semiconductor Spares has the option to purchase.
  • HYBRID We work and customers to develop optimal program terms.

Surplus Buyers Program

To sell your semiconductor equipment spares, give us a call or send a message to reach one of our experts. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your surplus inventory and work with you to deliver the greatest return on your investment.

Payments are fulfilled promptly, and our logistics team can coordinate pick-up from any U.S.-based facility. Semiconductor Spares maintains an exceptional supplier record, and we take pride in knowing that our customers count on us for consistent quality and superior service.

Used Equipment Sales

If you’re in the market for used semiconductor parts and equipment, visit our store. We offer a 90-day warranty and a large selection of high-quality products. All items are professionally packaged and shipped using the most cost-effective method available, with same-day domestic shipping available for a nominal fee. Additionally, our export compliance program aligns with U.S Department of Commerce requirements to ensure that international sales reach their destination with minimal delays.

About us

Semiconductor Spares offers 30-plus years of technical product and industry knowledge, which provides our customers an edge whether they are in the market to buy or sell surplus semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Our experience and dedication to providing first-class customer experience is the foundation upon which we’ve grown into an industry-leading global semiconductor equipment supplier. Get in touch today to learn more about our semiconductor equipment services.